Athletic Edge

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my child start in Gymnastics?

We start children right when they start walking. Our motto is the sooner the better to get children into something that will teach them great life skills, wonderful coordination, confidence in their daily lives, and something they will just completely fall in love with.

How do I enroll my child?

We offer online registration through our parent portal. Check out our Registration link at the top and it will direct you right to the site. Or feel free to give us a call and we can get you set up over the phone as well.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration is an annual $40 fee that we charge upon enrollment. That enrollment month will then become your anniversary month for your registration fee. This is due for each child upon enrollment.

Do you offer a trial class?

For any girl ages 5 and up, we offer a free evaluation. During this evaluation, your child will be assessed and placed in the correct class for them to be the most successful. We do this to have the opportunity to meet each child that walks into our program and get the chance to meet each family as well. We strive to keep our business family oriented. As for our younger aged children and our boys, we do offer a free trail class for these children to make sure they are happy and successful in their aged classes.

What should my child wear to class?

We have plenty of leos in our AE Pro Shop if your daughter would like to wear a leo, but it is not required. We do ask that they wear comfy clothes with no buttons or zippers for their safety. As for boys, shorts and a T-shirt works best. We also require hair to be pulled out of their faces for safety purposes.

What do I do during my child’s class?

We have a wonderful “ALL Around Café and Bar” upstairs with a perfect viewing area of the entire gym for you to relax, get some food and drinks, and enjoy watching your child.

What if I do not want to come in and watch my child’s class?

No problem at all. When they check in at the front desk upon arrival, they will be given an AE Curbside Pickup stamp or sticker. After their class is over, their coach will meet you at the Curbside pickup location in our parking lot (look for the sign out in the parking lot right outside the side man door) and they will deliver them to you there. Please be outside of your car waiting for them.

How do payments work?

We do automatic billing with a choice for your payment to be pulled on the 1st , 5th , 10th , or
15th of each month.

What is your make-up policy?

We do offer one make–up class per month for each enrolled missed class. We do ask that you make them up in the month in which the gymnast misses their scheduled class. We have already factored in our tuition prices with our scheduled closures. Tuition will not be prorated and makeup classes will not be offered for our scheduled closures.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes, we do offer a 10% sibling discount.

How long does my child stay in each level for?

We base our Kinder program (ages walking-5) off age, so they will stay in those classes until they age to the next level. This does not mean they will not keep progressing and learning new skills. We make sure each child continues to grow in our program each week and each class they attend. Our Recreational program (ages 6-17) is based off skill level. This means there is no set time for your child to move up. We constantly are working on the skills they need for the next level and evaluating each child’s progress. We will contact you as soon as your child is ready to move to the next level.

What can my child expect to learn in class?

We base all of our gymnastics classes off USAG guidelines. Our tumbling classes focus on basic tumbling skills and then progress into harder tumbling. Our ninja classes focus on different ninja obstacle courses and strength exercises.

What is Parent Night Out, and do I have to be a member to attend PNO?
Parent Night Out is on the 1 st and 3 rd Saturday of every month. This is designated Saturday night out for Children and a night without children for Parents. The time is 4:00-9:00pm. This includes a pizza dinner, open free play in the entire gym, and a movie option if they choose. The cost is $30 and $20 for each additional sibling. Pre-registration is recommended to ensure a spot. Walk-ins welcome if room.

Do you offer adult classes?

We currently do not offer adult gymnastics classes, but we are offering an adult ninja warrior class.

Do you offer special needs classes?

Yes, we do offer special needs classes. We would love to offer you a free trial class to come and make sure it is the right fit for your child. Please contact Bekah at bekah.gher@gmail.com or call in and ask for her, for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

Do you offer homeschool classes?

Yes, we do offer year-round homeschool classes for those children looking for a great way to get some exercise in and some Physical Education hours. Please contact Bekah at bekah.gher@gmail.com or call in and ask for her, for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

Do you allow private lessons?

Yes, we do offer private lessons. These are scheduled with the person you wish to have coach your private lesson. Once schedule, you can make your payment for that lesson to the front desk. If you need help finding a coach, feel free to ask our front desk staff and we would be happy to help find one for you.

Can I bring my other children with me?

Due to COVID, we are requesting at this time that only one spectator attend during your child’s class time.

Do you ever close the gym for bad weather?

Yes, we follow the Salem/Keizer school district schedule for closures. But don’t worry, we always make announcements if we ever close. Be sure to “Like” our Facebook Page for quick updates. We also always give make-up tokens for missed classes due to weather.