Athletic Edge

Birthday Parties

Parties for Big Kids, Parties for Small Party With Us and You’ll Have a Ball!

All our birthday parties are booked online by clicking on the parent log in link on the home page and clicking book a birthday party. If you have any questions please give us a call to help you through the online process.


With us

We provide activities, entertainment, supervision, table settings, set up, clean up…and did we mention FUN!

You provide the cake, ice cream, drinks, presents and partygoers!


Your Party

Gymnastics, gym games, dance, ninja warrior, tumbling and trampoline or Open Gym Time.



Several different packages to choose from below that gives you 1 1/2 hours of reserved gym time and 30 minutes for cake and presents.

Bronze Packages

Silver Packages

Gold Packages

  • The party room and our gymnastics center is all yours for a full two hours. Your guests will get one full hour of play before they are gathered back together in the party room for food, cake and presents then they are free to play afterward until time is up. We provide your own personal party host to make sure your party goes smoothly, and you can focus on your Guest of Honor.
  • No outside food or drink allowed except for a birthday dessert (Cake, cupcakes, cookies). Ice cream cake allowed but we do not have storage available to keep it cold. Goodie Bags are allowed for party guests.
  • Due to industrial size fans we have installed in the Adventure Park and Gymnastics Facility, balloons will be prohibited.
  • Piñatas are prohibited unless approved and discussed with your party host the Wednesday before your party.
  • Your party is over at the end of your two hours and you must vacate the gym. If you wish to head to the adventure park after your party, admission must be paid to get in.
  • Basic tablecloths, silverware, napkins, cups, plates and pitchers of water are included. If you have a specific theme in mind, you will have the room 15 minutes before your scheduled party time to add any decorations you wish to add. If you wish to hang something it must be approved by your party host the Wednesday before your party.
  • A party host will call the Wednesday before your party between the hours of 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Please try to plan to be available to speak with your party host during these hours.
  • If you wish to have our bar open during your party, you may request this service for an additional fee or meet our minimum drink purchase of $75.00. If the drink purchase was below $75.00, the remainder of the $75.00 fee will be due. This request must be made 7 days prior to your party.
  • Deposit is non-refundable and is due at the time of booking. If you need to reschedule, you may do so up to 7 days before your party and it must be rescheduled within one year of your party date to use your deposit.
  • You may only bring the number of children to the party that corresponds with the package you booked. Each additional child is $12.00 up to 30 children for any children over the number allowed per your selected package. Age 2 and up, including siblings, is included in the head count.
  • Package change requests will only be allowed 7 days prior to your scheduled party. You will be charged the price for the package booked regardless of how many guests show up on the day of your party.
  • Each party guest must have our waiver signed by their legal guardian prior to your party. Their legal guardian can access our parent log in link through our website to sign the waiver or can sign the waiver upon entering your party.
  • Party guests will participate barefoot. Socks are not required but can be worn.